Join the discussion... to open St. Anne Technical School (aka St. Elizabeth Academy)!

SAV is holding a VIRTUAL town hall meeting to discuss St. Elizabeth Academy (St. Anne Village Technical School) this coming Monday, May 17th @ 7pm ahead of Brentwood's Planning Commission meeting which is scheduled for the following Tuesday.  Click the link below to join.

In order to make our vision a reality we need your help!  To open in the fall, we must demonstrate to the City of Brentwood’s Planning Commission that this school is a high priority for the community.  If you are an individual who desires the option of a private school with a STREAM based curriculum, rooted in catholic values, please email Brentwood’s Planning Commission with a letter of support before noon on April 20th.

In addition to emails, we are also looking for individuals willing to virtually attend and potentially speak at SAV ‘s hearing in front of the planning commission on May 18th.  Our goal is to have at least 200 email letters and 50 hearing participants attend the meeting.  If you would like to attend, please follow the instructions/link below.

How to Participate:

The public is invited to participate in the Planning Commission meeting and offer comments of up to 3 minutes (or as may otherwise be determined by the Commission) using any of the following methods:


1. Zoom:


During the meeting, each period for public comment will be announced, and participants may use the “Raise Hand” feature on Zoom to request to speak. The meeting host will call on you, by name, and enable your video, if desired to be enabled, and microphone when it is your turn to speak. In order to ensure the orderly administration of the meeting using this method, providing your name is encouraged, but is not required. (If you need instructions on how to use this feature, please contact the Planning Commission Administrative Secretary by noon of the meeting date at or 925.516.5433.)

2. Telephone:


tel #: ???  not listed on Brentwood Agenda


If you wish to comment during the meeting via telephone, you may “raise your hand” virtually on most devices by pressing *9, and you will be called upon when it is your time to speak (*6 is to mute/unmute). After speaking, please press *9 again to remove the “raise your hand” feature. If that feature does not work on your device, please email in advance of the meeting where possible. The request must contain in the subject line “Request to Speak – Agenda Item #” and should include name and full phone number that will be used to call in. In order to ensure the orderly administration of the meeting using this method, providing your name is encouraged, but is not required.

3. E-mail:


While the County Health order to shelter at one’s place of residence is effective, public comments can also be submitted via e-mail to Emails not sent to this email address will not be included as public comments. Any public comments received up until 5:00 p.m. of the meeting date will be:  distributed to the Planning Commission via email before the meeting,  posted online for public inspection within one day following the meeting with the agenda packet, and  later summarized in the meeting minutes. The City cannot guarantee that its network, website, and/or the Zoom system will be uninterrupted. To ensure that the Planning Commission receives your comments prior to taking action, you are strongly encouraged to submit them in advance of the meeting. As e-mails containing public meeting comments are part of the official record, note that personal contact information may be published if it is included with your e-mail. In addition, any other disclosable public records related to an agenda item for the open session of this meeting distributed to all or a majority of the Planning Commission less than 72 hours before any meeting will be made available online shortly thereafter.

SAV is an independent (and separate) nonprofit corporation not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Oakland. Founded in 2014 to enact positive change in our East Contra Costa community, SAV’s long term vision includes an intergenerational village made up of a senior living community, Preschool, TK-8th grade school, restaurant, salon and more.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.




Thank You and God Bless,

Michael S. Rigsby, Executive Director

Saint Anne Village, Inc.